Pre-School Curriculum

Young children learn best through their senses and activity. As students grow, their imagination and nurturing environment will foster their desire to learn.

Themes and lessons that will be covered throughout the year:

  • colors
  • shapes
  • alphabet
  • numbers
  • songs
  • games
  • holidays
  • sharing
  • hygiene
  • word opposites
  • religion
  • animals
  • sorting

Our Goals for a successful school year:

  • Nurturing the children in order to develop self esteem
  • Coaching them to become independent and social
  • Instructing the children to follow directions and safety rules
  • Introducing students to poems and songs in the Greek language. All other subjects will be taught in the English language.
  • Reinforcing structured movement each day
  • Instructing the children to follow classroom rules
  • Promoting interaction with one another and cooperative learning
  • Reinforcing hand-eye coordination through gluing, painting and coloring

Annual Activities:

(Performance dates can be found on the yearly school calendar).
  • Christmas Pageant (Dec)
  • Art Exhibit (April)
  • Mommy and Me Tea Party (May)
  • End of the year Stepping Up program (June)

Students will receive progress reports in January and June

The opportunity to teach your child is a privilege and a responsibility we take very seriously. With your help and active interest, we will have a productive year.


Homeroom8:20- 8:30
Period 18:30- 9:20
Period 29:25- 10:10
Period 310:15- 11:00
Period 4 (Lunch)11:05- 11:45
Period511:50- 12:30
Period 612:35- 1:20
Period 71:25- 2:10
Period 82:15- 2:50
2:40 p.m.